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Worse than goatboating!

Yes, it can be if you surf at crowded beaches. However you can explore places where it is too choppy for SUPs to go. One such place is around the point at Long Reef on Sydney's northern beaches. There is a fun little wave that breaks between two rocks. It looks like a close-out but because the whitewater backs off the top of the swell after it breaks you can drive across the wall in either directions (away from the closest rock). Still, goatboats do that too..

Here's a good idea -

I will explain how I have been surfing since mid 2012? KUPS - Kneel-up paddle surfing Any SUP I can stand up on is too big to surf. With the paddle I use I don't have to. It is a variable and in the short position just the right length. Upsides: With the usual short period swell we get in Sydney SUPs get jostled by the chop, Stronger stroke at the take-off, Quickly adapt to different boards, Easier to get up than from lying-down paddling, Easier to take off by being hit from behind by white water, and All the benefits of surfing a long-board. Downsides: Hard to keep your knees on the board as wide and your feet would be; Have to get up from kneeling at take-off; Some SUP people will say it's the lamest thing they have ever seen. Boards that I have ridden: Star Board 8'5"a bit like this 2012 model, but much older. and Bonga Board 9'6" 2019 - the Naish Crossover 120