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Liard Hamilton falls off SUP

So this happened to justify not standing up to paddle: what began as a simple star-spotting exercise quickly became a bit of a bagging match when Hamilton misjudged a knee-whacker of a wave and fell off his SUP. Before I comment I should note that my search of the Daily Mail UK website failed to find this story. So when the article says "The worlds news outlets were first in a flurry.." Flurry, what flurry! A Google News search also failed to find any reference. As I said in a previous post ; the more I look at the MHL directional spectra the more I appreciate that the East Coast of Australia does not get the same swell as Hawaii & California. Now Laird Hamilton has demonstrated exactly that. FWIIW the MHL directional spectra shows the quality of the waves in Sydney and the NSW coast. See this site for the current graphics: